Am I a gold digger, or just a woman!?

To recognize the difference between a gold digger and a woman, we must recognize what women are  looking for. That is that women are looking for someone who can provide. I hope you looked at the word CAN provide when reading that last sentence because that’s where the emphasis lays.

First off, I would like to say, these are my opinions and my beliefs. I wanted to do a blog where people would give me feedback, and I knew this topic would get people involved a bit. So let’s begin.

Gold Digger


One thing that young men should realize in today’s society is that from a scientific stand point, all woman look for someone who is physically attractive,  also, if a man has things and/or money to provide for us. This is because most women look for someone to care for their babies and their family. Men look for woman who can bear their children.  Now, let’s take a look at something else than the scientific stand point. Woman that men call gold diggers are ONLY are looking for someone who is already established and not looking for ANYTHING else.  Most men today feel like all women are like that because most women DO want someone who have SOME establishment. But of course ,WE can work on some things together.  Just like men want someone to hold them down, woman want the same thing. But videos and the media sometimes makes it seem like they are gold diggers for wanting stability and establishment   If a woman is giving a man sex, cooking, staying in the house, silence, and/or working herself, and he’s just giving her sex, then she should be happy. Listen up fellas, this is television and NOT life.  Being with someone is a partnership, period.  Yes, no matter what, someone in the partnership will give more than the other at some point, but that is what we call having someone’s back. We need to find a happy medium and stop letting the media dictate how we act!   Stereotypes are forming about men and women that I cannot stand and not ALL women or men are like your ex. We have to stop letting the hurt and the previous experience explain ALL people!

So, where do you stand on this topic? Do you think all women are gold diggers or do you believe they have reasons to demand stability? Leave your comments below.

Peace and Love,




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