The Music Highlight: Peteymillz’s Turn My Radio Off Volume 1

As you all know, Doc’s Castle Media is now accepting submissions for your work to be published and shared on our blog site! I understand that everyone needs a little boost to get involved and recognized in the creative community so why not help? Everyone say “yay” for the opportunity!

In earlier posts, I mention that Doc’s Castle Media will be starting a Music Highlight section on our site, where we’ll highlight an inspired  musical artist and their latest creation. My first submission came in last week from a guy who calls himself Peteymillz.

Peteymillz grew up in Baltimore, MD playing sports and taking not to much of an interest in music, but always into football or baseball. One day hearing some kids rapping in the lunch room at his school, he tried to join in with all the fun that all those skillful kids where doing and realized he was pretty good at this rapping thing. So later that day, he went home and started writing and trying to follow the style of some of the kids he was rapping with. Although at first it was little rough and people laughed at him for trying it, he kept pursuing his newly found passion and eventually got good at it, soon trying to download FL studio to make instrumentals along with adobe 1.5 that was given to him by another artist to prefect his craft even more. Now, Peteymillz is dropping mixtapes and working on a EP coming soon!

As we can see, Peteymillz is a great example of a person with determination. Just from the quality of his music we can tell that. You just take a listen at his latest mixtape that dropped this past Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012 called Turn My Radio Off Volume 1. While you’re checking his mixtape out, don’t hesitate to download that joint, too. It’s something I can definitely see myself bumping in my car. How about you?

Follow Peteymillz on Twitter at @Peteymillz. Any inquires about collaborations or if you would like to simply chat with Pete, contact him via Twitter. He’ll be waiting.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Music Highlight, submit your work to Doc’s Castle Media.

3 thoughts on “The Music Highlight: Peteymillz’s Turn My Radio Off Volume 1

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