The Perfect Halloween Look

It’s that time of year again. HALLOWEEN! And what is Halloween all about (BESIDES THE CANDY OF COURSE)??? The costume! Costumes range from creepy ghouls and goblins to beautiful princesses and baby dolls. But why not be creepy and cute at the same time?

Iwanted2c1video shows people how to do just that in her Creepy Doll Makeup tutorial. Many people may not know this, so let me fill you in. Your local Party City store has all kinds of special effects makeup around Halloween that ranges from everyday lipsticks to special effects makeup. For special effects makeup, liquid latex, spirit gum, and eye shadow/ face paints are your best friend during the Halloween season (all of these things can be purchased at Party City as well).

The spirit gum is good for sticking things together i.e. a cool Super Mario Bros mustache.

Spirit Gum
Uses for Spirit Gum

The liquid latex is good for molding and face props such as fake noses and open wounds:

Liquid Latex

The eye shadow and face paints are good for coloring and contouring:

Eye Shadow and Face Painting

And voila, you have the perfect Halloween look!


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