Double Feature Special: Fake Friends, and A Break Up


I haven’t written anything in a while due to being busy with school!  You all know that education is very important to me.  Recently, a few friends and I have gone through some problems, and I would say that the top two types of problems we’re facing are between fake friends and breaking ups.
fake friends quote
I want to give some advice on breaks up first.  The game of love is a very dangerous, fun, exciting, and heartbreaking ordeal!  It can be very sad, but about 90 percent of people have to deal with a break up. If it’s your first love that you’re breaking up with, it is one of the most hardest things you’ll have to go through.  There are some stages which include guilt, anger, depression, happiness, and denial.  The break-up feels like a roller-coaster and majority of the time, you’ll go through this roller-coaster feeling again.  In my opinion, one of the first, best and quickest ways to get over your break-up is to delete, delete, delete!  Delete that person’s number, social network page, pictures, and put all the memories you have of them in a box.  Next best way to get over the break-up is if you write your feelings and have a fictional funeral! Let out all of your feelings on paper and then burn/bury that sheet. This is a sign of relief and letting go. Also, stay away from love songs! It will make you sadder! You don’t want to feel worse do you? I’d say you should listen to party songs to make you feel happier. Lastly, you should not make that person the center of all your attention when you talk to friends, as well. I know you need it all and your friends love you, but they don’t always want to talk about that person. These are a few things I have done and let me tell you, I feel so much better and freer.

Fake friends are people who act like your friends but when you aren’t around, they’re talking about you and saying negative things which may put you down in another person’s eyes.  Fake friends use you a lot.  From my experience with fake friends, I’ve seen that fake friends have a motive of being your “friend” and that’s why they keep you around. But once they are done with you, they show their true colors.  Here’s how you deal with those kinds of people. Once you know they are fake, get away.  There will be probably rumors and some of your mutual friends will turn their backs on your based on what you’re fake friend is saying about you, but its best to get away as soon as possible and to avoid that untrustworthy friend.  Do not gossip about them.  They do this to make you look bad because they know they are fake and a bad friend.  And the last thing you should do when dealing with a fake friend is ignore, ignore, ignore!  If they’re doing ignorant and rude stuff, then maybe you should handle it. But if it’s he said, she said talk circulating, do not feed into the intended drama that is trying to stir up. When people ask you about the conflict between the both of you, politely say “it’s none of your business” and walk away or leave the conversation at that.  Fake friends love gossip because they love to make up stories, and make themselves feel good because they’re probably miserable. You don’t want to stoop to their level. Believe me, it isn’t worth it.

I hope that this advice helps someone out there, and if you have a question for me email me at and your question might be in the next column.

Peace and Love,



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