The Music Highlight: FluX “End of the World”

Hey, hey, hey!!! Doc’s Castle Media is starting 2013 right with a new Music Highlight! Do you guys know FluX? If not, you have to know him now because you’ve been missing out on one of Baltimore’s sweetest talents. I’ve known FluX for 4 years now and what an awesome artist he is indeed.


Indulge in the Arts at the age of 6, Cory “FLuX” Moore born December 3rd 1990, got involved in music at the age of 12 after meeting childhood friends James “Jimmy Jabbz” Bumbray and Quinn “Ceazo” Parham. After a failed attempt to form a rap group, FluX went through multiple changes with his artist name, from names as bad as “fly guy” to “Conflict Edmondson”. Later years of lyrical practiced and song composition he meets up with fellow artist Terrance “Slumzy” David and Bernard “Big Thraxx” Maiden, who help him develop as an artist and worked with him all throughout high school years. Finally after years of contemplation, decided on the name FLuX, (floo•eks) having multiple meanings which he feels all confide within him. One definition being to flow, another to melt, and lastly fusion and a continuous change, which is his favorite. Around 2009, FluX became a little more interested in the production of his work. During that year, he began working with Big Thraxx for about a year on “Elevator MusiQ,” but the project was lost and never released until after his first mixtape “Sounds from a Toy Box”. Taking more time for practice and to obtain better equipment, that very next year he dropped “Elevator MusiQ,” and this year he gave us fellow artist AlterN8ive’s mixtape “ThanksGiving” and his mixtape “Routine.” After co-creating Slumzy’s Villnz and his brand under their War Drums Audio Art label, the only question standing is where will he go from here?

Check out one of his songs from his mixtape “Routine”:

FluX is currently working on a project with Slumzy now called Frog&Toad (if u remember the nursery book.) He also is working on his personal upcoming mix call VILLNZ. On this tape, there’s a single for the day the world was supposed to end, December 21, 2012. Check out “End of the World” and the rest of WDAA Music, here.

FluX likes to do collabs! If your interested in working with or even just talking to him, feel free to hit him on Twitter at @ChemicalFlu_X or like his page on Facebook, whatever you like.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a music highlight on Doc’s Castle Media? Well, send us your stuff!

Did you miss the last Music Highlight? Well, check out Peteymillz’s “Turn Up the Volume Part 1.”


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