Ytube Vid of the Week: Mixtape DJ

I love watching this boy’s videos. I saw this video last Thursday and was dying laughing because I’m always joking with my friends about mixtape DJ’s. Every time I’m in my car listening to my mixtapes, the DJ is always caught yelling on a track, especially DJ Drama. I wonder if that’s why his name is DJ Drama? Anyway, I just want to hear the song sometimes. I know they suppose to make the song or mixtape a little hype for the person listening. But dang! Does it really have to be so serious that half of the song you’re yelling over the words that’s coming out of the rapper’s mouth? It’s crazy! This maybe a contribution to why hip-hop is slightly dying.

MrDeshawnRaw is one of the many YouTubers that I’m subscribed to. He’s funny and a great channel to get a laugh out of. Don’t hesitate to follow him. He’s going places.

Do you think DJ’s over do all the yelling when hosting a mixtape? Do you have a Ytube Vid of the Week you want us to share? Let us know in comments below.


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