The Music Highlight: TwoineyLo “I have a Dream”

This is TwoineyLo, a 16 Year old Lyrical Artist from Baltimore City that is working non stop to carry out his dream. To TwoineyLo, rap is more than music. He believes that Rap is an art but most artist do not paint vivid pictures for people to visualize as they listen. He has formed a brotherhood. TwoineyLo is one of the founders of NWM “Nothing Without Motivation,” which is a positive brotherhood, movement, & a way of life. Their purpose is to prove to society that all black men don’t have to be statistics. They are their own man.

Today, Doc’s Castle Media is showcasing TwoineyLo’s newest song called I Have a Dream (Prod. Ufmo)”. TwoineyLo says he made the song particularly for all people who don’t care what people say or think about them. He’s encouraging many to keep pushing forward to accomplish their dreams, which means he’s the perfect person to have on our site because we promote the same thing!

If you’re interested in downloading TwoineyLo’s song, click this Sound Cloud Link.

TwoineyLo is looking forward to meeting new people and the best way for him to do so is if you take a moment to follow him on his Twitter at @TwoineyLo or on his Tumblr. Maybe you can be featured on a TwoineyLo song.

Do you have the talent to be a Doc’s Castle Media Music Highlight? Well send us your creative juices. Send Me Stuff!

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