Is Your Dry Hair Keeping You Down?

Split ends YIKES!
Having troubles with dry hair during these cold winter months? The solution: MOISTURE. Moisture is what your hair needs to keep it soft and not dry and brittle. We all know what cold air does; it dries out the skin and can lead to dry, frayed hair. Try mixing a few drops of natural oils in your conditioner. Oils such as argan oil, olive oil, and castor oil are very good for your hair. Oils help to seal in any moisture that is present in your hair. So, first moisture your hair very well. That can be with conditioners, leave in conditioners,or just plain old water. The oils help to trap the moisture in. Even processed oils will do! Doo-Gro’s line of hair products has excellent oils that I like to mix in my conditioner. Of course, if you want only organic substances in your hair, only use the natural oils. Raw or natural oils can be purchased online, vitamin shops, or any natural food stores. If you want to be very creative, add different types of oils into your conditioner at once! Just be sure not to overdo it with adding the oil or your hair will be one big grease ball mess. YUCK!

Another way to avoid dry hair in the winter time is to do protective styles. Protective styles are any hairstyle that provide low manipulation on the hair and/or tucks away the ends to prevent split ends. This applies to all hair types. These styles can include buns, ponytails, up-dos, hats, scarf’s, and the list goes on and on so be creative. Also, try to limit the usage of heat on your hair during the cold winter days as heat further dries out hair. If you do choose to heat style your hair, use a heat protectant spray or serum and make sure to deep condition before and after you heat style as to preserve moisture in the hair.


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