Doc’s Experience with 2013 Hip Hop Inaugural Ball

So what did I do over the weekend? Bet that my weekend was better than your’s because I was somewhere many of my readers dream of setting foot. Many of my readers drool over the thought of seeing celebrities within arms reach. Well, I was just that with numerous celebs. This weekend I attended the 2013 Hip Hop Inaugural Ball!

2013 Hip Hop Inaugural Ball Flyer

Okay, the whole weekend I wasn’t there. I spent Saturday at my boring 9-5 job. Blah! But all of my Sunday was spent somewhere doing something productive that helps make my future look very bright! I spent 18 hours of my Sunday/Monday of the Presidential Inaugural Weekend at the Sidney Harman Center. Boy oh boy was it fun?

My dream is to breathe the atmosphere I was put in that Sunday. To see it unfold in front of my eyes, I’ve become happy that I gotten an opportunity to be closer to my dreams. If my readers don’t already know, I want to be a PR once I leave University of Baltimore. But not just any PR, I want to work where I believe it’s worth it. If I’m going to be something, I’m going to work to achieve the best. I’m getting there, slightly.

If you don’t know, the 2013 Hip Hop Inaugural Ball was an event that honored many celebrities and legends of the hip hop community. The award ceremony was hosted by the beautiful La La Anthony and very handsome Terrence J. Some of the winners of this weekend’s ball was 2Chainz, Meek Mill, Dr. Ben Carson and MC Lyte. Here are a few pictures of the evening guests from the red carpet:

Terrence J and La La

Terrence J and La La Anthony

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson

Lil Mama and MCLyte

Lil Ma Ma and MC Lyte



Doug-E Fresh and Meek Mill

Doug-E Fresh and Meek Mill

I’m proud to say that I met some of these legends while working with the company that I should give some credit to for giving me this opportunity to be one of the people behind the scenes of this event, The Finn Group. I worked with the brains of this event, LaRian Finney, and enjoyed every minute of the day being apart of this event. I want to share a few pictures with you, giving you a view of my night. If you already follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve already seen them.

Doc and Jadakiss



Doc and Jadakissbefore


Doc and Boyfriend

I know that Doc’s Castle Media’s purpose is to encourage people to achieve goals that they want to accomplish throughout life, and I believe I can do that through example. So this entire post today is to push you to recognize your worth. I encourage every one of my readers to aim for the sky when they have big dreams. Surround yourself with the right people and believe in everything that you want to carry out. You can do it. If it’s your talent, you own that shh…! Believe it and run with it.

Doc’s Castle Media supports you! If you have something that you want to share, submit it to Doc’s Castle Media and we’ll give you that extra push. I love the local talent! By the way, you are the real people who the event really should have honored for the support. But first let them hear you first. Create a voice for yourself.


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