The Most Known Unknown by C. Davis

“Who are you, guy in the mirror?

Are you a dream or just an imagined figure?

You’ve changed since the first time we met,

When I hadn’t quite stopped sucking my finger yet.

You inspired me and told me I could do better,

But then I’d laugh at you and yell “Never!”

Back then I only thought life was only about fun and games,

But as I grew older life was never the same.

How to get good grades was the story’s plot.

Meanwhile becoming of the age was twisting it a lot.

Girls, good grades, and peer pressure were all in the mix

Of how to become a better person and not to fall for dumb tricks.

Then again you were there to see it from the start.

But instead of helping me out, you ruined my work of art.

Don’t get me wrong you made school much more interesting.

But living both lives made me realize my life needed a lot more fixing.

You’re sly and sneaky, which wasn’t great,

So let me tell you of the plans I’m about to make.

You’re getting locked up and will be placed in a crate.

Stuck forever in time never to be released by the hands of fate.

You see, this is my life, my world, my time and place.

And whatever problems I encounter will be dealt with face to face.

They say wisdom comes as you age with grace.

So I guess this is where it grows and in turn takes your place.

Bye-bye my friend I guess I won’t ever see you again

Because after I turn this page my new life without you will begin.”

– C. Davis

One thought on “The Most Known Unknown by C. Davis

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