Ytube Vid of the Week: iRatchet and Extreme Makeover “Bad Bitch Edition”

This week’s Ytube Vid of the Week is actually two YouTube videos from my fav channels, Dormtainment and IbeShucks. Make sure you check them out.

Video from IbeShucks

Video from Dormtainment

Haha! Do you want to know what I was for Halloween last october? I was “Ratchet Girl”. Is that really what hot in the streets? People wanting to be “ratchet”? Not I. I did it for laughs but there are actually people out there who want this lifestyle.

If you don’t know what the definition of ratchet is from seeing these two videos, let me define it for you. To be ratchet, it means

  • undesirable coarse woman
  • eager crazy or basically someone who will get wild and not give a fu**
  • nasty ghetto trifling
  • below normal social standards or morality or sexuality
  • someone who is intimately familiar with the sound of handcuffs

Hope that cleared it up for you. lol

To be someone ratchet is not appealing or to be glorified. Where do people actually believe they can go with that title? Not very far. That reputation can pretty much stick to you for good, and believe, that’s something that isn’t good at all if you plan to be someone in life, hence why Dormtainment might have ended their ratchet video they way they did.

I chose these two videos because I wanted to reiterate the need to apply that the ratchet life is no life at all. That’s why so many people joke about it. Come on guys! Be somebody. Also, I posted it for laughs.

If you have a video you want me to check out, submit your creative juices to me. You can have a chance to be featured on Doc’s Castle Media.


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