The Music Highlight: Jay Griffy “The Fweago”

Who’s the new music highlight on Doc’s Castle Media? Have you ever heard of Jay Griffy?

Doc’s Castle Media does not only highlight the talents of those who live in Baltimore City. People with extraordinary talent from all over the east coast having been reaching out to me to share the creative juices they have to offer. So where is Jay Griffy from? He’s from New Jersey! *Cough Cough* Yes, Jay Griffy is from New Jersey and let me tell you a bit about him.


According to Jay Griffy’s personal website, Jay started writing music in high school as a hobby when his classes couldn’t keep his attention. Writing raps quickly led to cyphers in the hall and that lead to the beginning of him as an artist. In 2009 he teamed up with Exponent Entertainment based in Philadelphia, which propelled Jay Griffy more into the Philly scene and soon collaborations with artists like DJ NoPhrillz, SAP the Producer, Tone Trump, Nico the Beast, MIZ, E.Ness, Smutty101 and more quickly developed. Then in 2010, Marlin Barrier, head of the Sound Barrier Experience, a live multi-faceted band in Philadelphia, heard Jay Griffy. In a rare perfect moment, Jay Griffy got on stage with the Sound Barrier experience and it was of no surprise that Barrier asked Jay Griffy to stay as part of the band. Now not only sought after to perform, producers and labels have reached out to Jay Griffy for his natural song writing ability and keen music knowledge. Soon everyone will get to see the complete package in his upcoming mixtapes “Rising of the Don” and “HitTape Volume 1”.

Check out this song that he wants to share with the readers of Doc’s Castle Media!

Jay Griffy has that “music artist spark” that we look for in an artist. Are you looking to do a collab with Jay? Well, contact him via website, Facebook or Twitter at @GriffyOnline.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Music Highligh? Send us your creative juices! You’ll never know if you’ll be our next “IT.”

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