Ytube Vid of the Week: Unfollowed Me By @Kingbach

For all those people who unfollowed me on Twitter and Instagram, this is what’s coming for you! Sike, I’m just playing with you.

I never really cared that much for people not following me back or unfollowing me on those sites because if I’m friends with you off the web, it shouldn’t matter if I’m friends with you online. I will wonder why, but it shouldn’t bother me to the extreme.

I chose to use this as the Ytube Vid of the Week because I thought about how real this can be. People get so upset these days over something so simple as a follow back or an unfollow but forget that what really matters is if you talk to the person off these social sites. If they’re your friend off of Twitter, why bother to wonder about what they’re doing online.

People are losing track of reality by thinking that what happens online is reality. I highly doubt it. Many people manipulate what they want us to see. How can we tell what real anymore? We only know what people choose to share and that’s why people mess up by thinking that if someone post something about themselves, they believe it’s set in stone. SORRY, you’re mistaken. Open your minds, guys. Stop ending relationships and friendships based off of the Internet.

This YouTube video is brought to you by @Kingbach. He has a few funny videos. You should check his channel out.

Have you viewed the last Ytube Vid of the Week  iRatchet and Extreme Makover “Bad Bitch Edition?” Check it out. It’s funny!

Do you have something you want to share with Doc’s Castle Media? Send me stuff! You could be the next Ytube Vid of the Week.


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