The Music Highlight: Z.A.Y.A and Main Profit “One Way”

Doc’s Castle Media has a new music highlight all the way from Texas. Meet Z.A.Y.A and Main Profit.

This submission was sent to Doc’s Castle Media by their producer, @AdrianBeSpacely. Take the time out to follow him please.

The biography of these artists can be quite touching once y’all read it. But it’s amazing to hear the journey this group goes through to make the music they create. But first, I want to share with you the song they’ve chosen to share with DCM.

Z.A.Y.A & Main Profit are both 19 years old and have the world ahead of them. They’re from El Paso, Texas, which is where they consider their hometown. But now, they live and record in their adopted city Austin, Texas. One dream is how everything all began for the two, and that dream was to make sure their family is forever eating, with no worries and to be always at peace.

Coming from El Paso, Texas they’ve always had struggles and hit road blocks. One of the hardest battles for the group was Z.A.Y.A’s brother, also the uncle of @AdrianBeSpacely, Isaiah James Luna, was murdered on Jan 23, 2011 from a gunshot wound to the face. It tore the family of Z.A.Y.A. apart, and it has been two years since the incident and this musical group is still left in disbelief.

They used to call Isaiah “Zaya.” He was viewed by many as the most caring person a person could meet, always, no matter what, was there for you. ‘Til this day justice has not been served for this family. His murderer is not behind bars, there is no peace, and there is still no reason to why Isaiah was murdered. But the family can guarantee that it was not from drugs or gang violence.

So if you’re wondering what Z.A.Y.A stands for, it stands for “Zero Acceptance Young Ambitious.” It explains what the group stands for and represents Z.A.Y.A.’s brother. As for Main Profit’s name, the group believes he’s a prophet in the rap game and he’s all about the profit (or what I like to call moola!).

The movement they’re promoting is Dedication and Motivation. It’s what Isaiah had tatted on his arms, dedication on the left and motivation on the right. Z.A.Y.A and Main Profit won’t stop until they get what they desire and dream of. Everything above is all part of a huge story that will unfold when their mixtape entitled “Dedication, Motivation” drops in March. Stay posted with the releases by following them on Twitter at @3rdCoastZAYA and @Main_Profit.

If you’re an artist and want to share you’re creative juices to Doc’s Castle Media, send us your stuff, now. Maybe you can be the next Music Highlight.

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