App of the Week: EyeEm

Instagram isn’t good enough for you huh? Well, how about you try another picture app on the market, EyeEm.

EyeEm Logo

What Does this App Do?

According to the Window’s App Store:
“EyeEm is a photo sharing & discovery app that connects you with like-minded people through the photos you take.

• Edit: Take beautiful photos with 11 photo filters

• Share: Easily update your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare & Tumblr

• Discover: EyeEm is like a realtime photo search engine: simply take a photo and discover albums of topics, places and events

• Taking photos together: find people who take similar photos of the albums you contribute to

Based on your location and your activity, you’ll stumble upon new albums that are filled with photos from your friends and people around the world.
It’s a whole new way of visually exploring what’s around you!

“EyeEm’s camera app is a beautiful new interface for photography!” TechCrunch”

Where can I get this App?

iTune’s App Store

Google Play App Store

Window’s App Store

How much does this App cost?


Would I use this app?

I’m already on it! It reminds me of Foursquare with pictures. It’s very similar to Instagram with all its filters, too. It’s kind of pointless to download because it’s really the same as those two site. But remember, it’s different because it those two sites mixed together. It’s okay to me but I would need more friend’s participation to keep me on it. Most of the people I’m following I don’t know and don’t really interact with me. Screw them! It’s really up to you if you want it. But if you get it add me, @EhhWassupDoc_.

Do you want to know about more apps? Tell me what apps you want me to write about next in the comments below!

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