Fear by C. Davis

No fame. No glory.

Just a long walk in this horror story.

I don’t know if I’m stupid or if it’s fate.

I just had the apple that Snow White once ate.

Insomnia rampant so no eternal slumber for me.

But being awake to live this endless nightmare is what truly worries me.

I mean how can rightfully reach for a future if I don’t know what I’m aiming for.

More importantly, I’m all alone and afraid to walk down this corridor.

The air is real frigid and the lights constantly flicker.

Light fog covering the ground playing with my ocular picture.

Now my body is shivering slowly collecting goosebumps.

Ears more alert just in case someone or something creeps up.

It was dead silent no noise no sound

Then a shadowy figure spun me around.

It grasped my throat hard enough for me to shed a tear.

And pulls me face to face, I guess you call this facing my fear.

It snapped a bone in my back and dropped me on the floor.

Paralyzed from head to toe, I couldn’t control my body anymore.

Now that I’ve been defeated, I am now one of the fallen.

No one there to hear my cries and no savior desperately responding.

I thought about submitting I mean what can I really do.

I can’t stand up to my fear guardian angel tell me what should I do.

I have a solution but it may seem a bit obscene.

A forceful union with the shadowy figure in this nightmarish dream.

I don’t know the results of me doing this.

Will I become a shadow of my former self or will I overcome this.

Just a simple roll of these bright, red dice.

No time to ponder and really think twice.

The transformation is complete thus a new me shall appear.

Reaching beyond human limitations, I have become one with the Fear.

-C. Davis


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