Ytube Vid of the Week: Bitch Bad

I feel for these women, today, mostly because I’m a woman myself. It seems like my generation doesn’t know what’s right from wrong anymore. Hints: the reason I chose to post such an old song this week.

Bitch Bad, Woman Good

Recently, I spoke to two of my friends. Both are women.  They’re smart, strong and able to hold their own. But both were struggling with heartbreak from boys they loved. They were moping around because their guy wasn’t giving them attention that they desired. But I felt like I had to slap them with reality by giving them my “Strong Woman Empowerment” speech! They don’t need that unnecessary stress. Ugh, stop acting like your life is over.

Anyway, I don’t know why this song came to mind. But the story line makes me wonder if the reason both men and women go through such things like that is because of what we’re subjected to watch and listen to. Lupe makes a valid point. Tell me what you think. Can you relate?


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