Egyptian Prophecy by C. Davis

Since the moment you were born, you were faced with constant attacks from failure and sadness.

Yet you felt that your existence on this planet was meant for a superior purpose.

No signs of praise or encouragement from your friends or family.

Tired of the pain, you escape to the museum; Soothing your mind with thoughts of ancient history.

Wandering around for hours you stumble upon a dark corner.

And beneath the sheath of the darkness was an artifact covered in a mysterious aura.

Drawn towards it, you approach with caution.

Touching it slightly, you slip into what seemed to be another dimension.

You awoke in the same establishment but it seemed to be many years prior.

You emerged from the temple-like structure and witnessed the area engulfed by fire.

At first you were filled with fright but the heat of the flames hugged you and calmed you down.

Daringly you walked onto the scorched earth and the flames merged with the ground.

Survivors of the tragedy took time to bury their dead.

Then returned to presence and bowed as if you were the new Head.

An elderly woman was brought before you with bright red burns as if she was marked with dye.

You looked past her infliction and focused more on her left eye.

See the right eye was healthy and filled with pure thoughts and truths.

And her left eye was haunted by the sights of lies and untruths.

Feeling pity for one burdened with such a fate

You put your forehead on hers, prayed to the heavens, and opened up her mind’s gate.

Both of you slowly parted ways and she kisses you on your hand.

And her forehead revealed a thousand-petal lotus with a lavender-colored tan.

She turned around and not a sound from the crowd was heard.

They only responded by closing their eyes and received her thoughts as if they were spoken words.

This event became one of your greatest moments of your time.

And the fact others could not marvel in it was the only crime.

At that moment, the past proceeded to retreat to your rear.

And before you knew it, the modern day museum had reappeared.

You soon realized the significance of your journey to the earlier era.

It was your duty to bear witness to the results of life-long human error.

When the human race could not control the flow of knowledge, they began to run wild.

It could only be fully understood through the teachings of Ra’s child.

The child’s innocence made it pure while its divine lineage made its truth all powerful.

And its bright yellow essence would only illuminate through a handful.

As powerful and warm as the sun, this power is something to behold.

You turn toward the tome and thank the ancient herald.

Now it’s time to embark on the path of your destiny.

To awake those who are third eye blind as foretold in the Egyptian prophecy.

-C. Davis


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