The Music Highlight: Jimmi Stone- Surfs Up

Doc’s Castle Media gets submissions from artist from all over the nation. This artist in particular submitted his work from across the country. This week’s Music Highlight is Jimmi Stone with his single “Surfs Up.”


Jimmi Stone is an artist from Seattle, Washington. He has worked with such artists as: Macklemore, Lil B, Asher Roth, and a few others. So he has developed quite a name for himself, of course. Whether on the microphone, behind the lens, or behind the scenes, Jimmi Stone has probably had some sort of connection to your favorite rapper, producer or video model. Since his first release in 2007 with the song, “Experience a Whole New Thing,” recorded and mixed by Macklemore,  he has gained extreme respect from the music industry and has gain a lengthy fan base. His unique, a head of time sound, is usually a blueprint for artists to launchpad their style and career off of. Jimmi Stone is a trendsetter. Here’s Surfs Up for you to listen to:

If you would like to keep up with Jimmi Stone and see what’s new from him, follow him on his twitter at @RealJimmiStone or subscribe to him on his YouTube Channel. Also, don’t forget to checkout Jimmi Stone on iTunes.

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“Free Mind” for Free Minded People

What I admire about some of the people in Baltimore is the desire to strive and their want to help those to strive. I know so many people who want to get far. Indeed, those people come to Doc’s Castle Media for a little boost. But who am going to write about today is someone I reached out to that I want to support and I believe has a great idea. Have you thought about getting some new clothes from “Free Minds™ Clothing Co.? I bet you’ll consider it after you hear about the company.


“Free Minds™ Clothing Co. was founded by Christopher Morton, on the belief that nothing is impossible. Free Minds wasn’t created by an established clothing designer, but an everyday hard-working young adult with huge ambitions.” And according to this young CEO, his company strives to achieve these five goals:

  • Encourage individuals to be who they truly are, despite what others may think, or what is popular at the time.
  • Encourage individuals to reach their dreams.
  • Promote an educated and positive environment among their supporters, as they attempt to grow our support base.
  • Provide a personal connection with each of their supporters.
  • Be involved with people and events that aspire to create a better society.
  • And above all, Free Minds strives to offer people reasons to purchase their items and support them.


Although Free Minds™ Clothing Co. plans to create good quality by thinking about their supporters, providing fashionable clothing and being the next trend is not their priority. Christopher Morton wants more than that. Free Minds™ Clothing Co. should be remembered. For Christopher, what’s “hot” is always subject to change; whereas, what’s meaningful tends to last longer.

The people at Free Minds™ Clothing Co. believe it’s always just a matter of time before something great makes a breakthrough, and they plan to be something great. I agree with them. Free Minds™ Clothing Co. and Doc’s Castle Media will be great someday.

You can buy attire from Free Minds™ Clothing Co. today. Just make sure you order your purchase to support once you’ve finish reading this blog. Also, “like” Free Minds™ Clothing Co. on Facebook at Free Minds Clothing Co. and “follow” them on Twitter at @FREE_MiNDS.

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App of the Week: Vine

“Ion’ care. We on Vine.” This seems to be a popular phrase heard around Baltimore City these past few days. If you haven’t heard it, be sure to turn on your radios to 92Q because they’ve definitely been broadcasting it with every commercial break. But I’m not going to discuss this quote at all. I want to talk about the App that has brought upon us a social media uproar. I’m telling you about Vine.


What does this app do?

According to the Google Play App Store:

“Supports Android 4.0 and higher.

Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.

• Unlimited uploads and free
• Instantly post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter and Facebook!
• Find, follow, and interact with people close to you
• Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and editor’s picks
• And so much more.”

According to Doc:

The app is specifically video based. It’s an Instagram for Videos. You don’t want to compare it to YouTube because YouTube is a bit more complex. Vine is simple. You follow as many people as you want, just like on Instagram and Twitter. Then you watch six second videos of the people you’ve followed. You’re allowed to comment and like the videos, which is similar to what you do in Instagram.

Where can I get this App?

iTune’s App Store

Android’s Google Play Store

How much does this App cost?


Would I use this app?

I already use it. If you want to follow me, my name is always the same (EhhWassupDoc_). I follow people who are funny. Most of which are those who are rated popular by how many likes they get on their videos. It give you the opportunity to be creative because it forces you to do a short video only using 6 seconds. Not too many people can do that. But it’s fun to see people try. I recommend this app for the creative folk like that. So make sure you download it.

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Living Vivid

Doc, there’s very few blogs that share the same passion as you. You’re the only one who I can reach out to and get a response when I want someone to share my work. Where’s the promotion? Where’s the support? No one even cares about me. WRONG! People, People, People, stop sounding like a cheesy commercial that’s ran through the entire middle of the night on the UPN network. Are you even looking? There are so many blogs out there who are willing to help you reach success. I’m starting to believe that you guys are blind. Let me tell you about a blog called Vivid Visions.


Vivid Visions is a blog intended to showcase the creative talents in Baltimore City. Yes, Baltimore still has a few good people out here that are trying to look out for ya. Anything from poetry, music, art, modeling, and fashion design, Vivid Visions is there to support the talent that people feel goes unnoticed. Just like Doc’s Castle Media, their desire is to show off gifted people that they have talent. But of course, it all comes down to the work artist put in to achieve what their truly looking for, success. So Vivid Vision looks for talent to display on their blog, as well. You have no reason to complain that no one in Baltimore has a good heart and doesn’t want to support their fellow Baltimorean.

Vivid Vision’s team is so dedicated, it consist of 7 major people who are willing to help you reach for your dreams. The creator of Vivid Visions, Ryan Chance, developed a team with six of his artistic friends to help him create his blog, George, Brein, Destiny, Dre, Riva, and David. All seven of these creators play a huge role in building Vivid Visions to become a success. Ryan strongly pushes toward sculpting a family atmosphere amongst his team. Looking at the picture above, it doesn’t look like he’s having a hard time doing that either. Everyone looks like they’re ready to take on the role towards determination. I hoping that I get the chance to work with them. Also, he’s aiming to introduce every member of the Vivid family to anyone who follows through their “Vivid Introduction” vlogs. (You’ve got to know that I’ll be tuning in.) The team hopes to continue on building for the future and growth of Vivid Vision as they see the talent that they seek grow as well. Vivid Visions is most definitely on the rise.

Do you like what your hearing about Vivid Visions? I’m sure you do. So make sure you follow this group on Twitter at @VividVisions, now. Also, make sure you check out the Vivid Visions Blog. Support them and they’ll support you!

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Chapter 3: The Metamorphosis

I rest frozen on my knees and my head tilted toward the sky.

My eyes slowly turning white as my old persona proceeds to wither and die.

The ghosts of my past further the process to obscure my vision.

My soul desperately struggles to escape this bodily prison.

Muscles are ceasing function and brain no longer performing synaptic feats.

I’ll just pay for the actions of my sins and accept my defeat.

But what I noticed before arriving to my final moment.

Is that my soul refused to accept any forms of judgment.

What most don’t know is that the soul continues to thrive when the mind and body can’t be operated.

And in some cases the body and mind become anew and life is reincarnated.

Before I could step towards embarking on a new expedition

My soul guided me to a grand tapestry woven of past successes and malfunctions.

It was hard watching my life standing right before my eyes.

All the scars, pain, and anguish I inflicted on others; I wish they were all lies.

Suddenly my nerves produced a spark; a sign that regeneration is taking place.

In response, opaque eyes released translucent tears that streamed down my face.

Each tear I shed relinquished a sin embedded beneath my skin.

I was beginning to forgive myself and consciousness swelled from within.

My soul soon began to grow to an uncontrollable size.

Its purpose was to entrust me with a new body as my prize.

The shell of my former self slightly grew then cracked at the pressure.

The light from my soul pierced through the cracks creating luminous fissures.

After a sequence of breaks, the light receded below.

Silence filled the air and the shell appeared to be hollow.

Suddenly the shell broke, dissolving into fine powder.

And there stood a being glowing with profound power.

Inhaling and exhaling, my lungs filled with air and feeling refreshed.

I have arisen from my ashes as a phoenix masked in human flesh.

With a new life and new purpose, it’s now time to develop a new plan.

Headed toward a brighter future; guided by events of the past. This is my journey to becoming a man.

-C. Davis

Creative Commons License
Team CREATE by Christopher Davis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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Hide and I’ll Seek Part II: Survival of the Unworthy Introduction

In Portland, Oregon, May 2012, two juniors, Roxie and Aston, were able to escape with their life from three psycho killers, Warren, Mace, and  Portland Valley High’s Guidance Counselor, Mr.Boris. After the death of 20 people, Roxie and Aston have finally escaped, but did they survive? Living miles away from each other , with Aston living in Texas, and Roxie living in Sunny California, The two should finally be able to have peace but for some reason the two can never forget the events that took place at Portland Valley High that day. They dwell on the past and frighten their families so much that the people they love send them to a camp to discuss their problems at HereWood Recovery Camp. Roxie and Aston are now forced to talk about that day with others that suffer just like them, and it scares them to have to discuss their problems.

creapy camps

Soon talking about their problems won’t be the only thing that they have to deal with. There’s another game. Roxie and Aston, are again the main characters. This time the game is based on revenge and we all know who is out to get them, Mace.  With new players they can’t trust and a new dangerous location, Aston and Roxie need each other more than ever. One thing that is different about this game is that it’s not about saving and finding others, it’s all about surviving.