Living Vivid

Doc, there’s very few blogs that share the same passion as you. You’re the only one who I can reach out to and get a response when I want someone to share my work. Where’s the promotion? Where’s the support? No one even cares about me. WRONG! People, People, People, stop sounding like a cheesy commercial that’s ran through the entire middle of the night on the UPN network. Are you even looking? There are so many blogs out there who are willing to help you reach success. I’m starting to believe that you guys are blind. Let me tell you about a blog called Vivid Visions.


Vivid Visions is a blog intended to showcase the creative talents in Baltimore City. Yes, Baltimore still has a few good people out here that are trying to look out for ya. Anything from poetry, music, art, modeling, and fashion design, Vivid Visions is there to support the talent that people feel goes unnoticed. Just like Doc’s Castle Media, their desire is to show off gifted people that they have talent. But of course, it all comes down to the work artist put in to achieve what their truly looking for, success. So Vivid Vision looks for talent to display on their blog, as well. You have no reason to complain that no one in Baltimore has a good heart and doesn’t want to support their fellow Baltimorean.

Vivid Vision’s team is so dedicated, it consist of 7 major people who are willing to help you reach for your dreams. The creator of Vivid Visions, Ryan Chance, developed a team with six of his artistic friends to help him create his blog, George, Brein, Destiny, Dre, Riva, and David. All seven of these creators play a huge role in building Vivid Visions to become a success. Ryan strongly pushes toward sculpting a family atmosphere amongst his team. Looking at the picture above, it doesn’t look like he’s having a hard time doing that either. Everyone looks like they’re ready to take on the role towards determination. I hoping that I get the chance to work with them. Also, he’s aiming to introduce every member of the Vivid family to anyone who follows through their “Vivid Introduction” vlogs. (You’ve got to know that I’ll be tuning in.) The team hopes to continue on building for the future and growth of Vivid Vision as they see the talent that they seek grow as well. Vivid Visions is most definitely on the rise.

Do you like what your hearing about Vivid Visions? I’m sure you do. So make sure you follow this group on Twitter at @VividVisions, now. Also, make sure you check out the Vivid Visions Blog. Support them and they’ll support you!

Do you have a creative juice to share? Well, send me stuff. You could be the next to article on Doc’s Castle Media.

Do you know of any fashion movements in Baltimore? Read about the B.U.L.L.Y. Movement?


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