The Music Highlight: Jimmi Stone- Surfs Up

Doc’s Castle Media gets submissions from artist from all over the nation. This artist in particular submitted his work from across the country. This week’s Music Highlight is Jimmi Stone with his single “Surfs Up.”


Jimmi Stone is an artist from Seattle, Washington. He has worked with such artists as: Macklemore, Lil B, Asher Roth, and a few others. So he has developed quite a name for himself, of course. Whether on the microphone, behind the lens, or behind the scenes, Jimmi Stone has probably had some sort of connection to your favorite rapper, producer or video model. Since his first release in 2007 with the song, “Experience a Whole New Thing,” recorded and mixed by Macklemore,  he has gained extreme respect from the music industry and has gain a lengthy fan base. His unique, a head of time sound, is usually a blueprint for artists to launchpad their style and career off of. Jimmi Stone is a trendsetter. Here’s Surfs Up for you to listen to:

If you would like to keep up with Jimmi Stone and see what’s new from him, follow him on his twitter at @RealJimmiStone or subscribe to him on his YouTube Channel. Also, don’t forget to checkout Jimmi Stone on iTunes.

Are you a music artist? Do you have something to share with Doc’s Castle Media? Well, send me stuff! You could be the next Music Highlight!

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4 thoughts on “The Music Highlight: Jimmi Stone- Surfs Up

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