But My Friend Told Me So


Recently, I was watching TV and this commercial came on that stated “acne hates magnets because my friend told me so.” After hearing that, I had to comment.  Throughout grade school you and your friends will talk about a variety of subjects from what foods to eat to sex. But even though you might believe everything your friends say, it doesn’t mean that it’s true.

In middle school and in high school, you’ll learn new things and throughout this journey everyone is going to believe they’re right about something. But since everyone is still learning, some people can’t possible know all the answers.  On top of that, some of your friends might not be telling the truth. They could be afraid of who you are, but might not want to seem like a “punk.” So they agree with what you do or might say, “Oh yeah, that’s right,” knowing that it might not be.

I’ll give you guys an example.  While I was in high school, I had a friend talking with a group of people who were discussing sex. They were talking about the possibilities of a girl not getting pregnant, one way being by the girl sitting on top of a boy, and another way by a girl having sex it in the pool.  I’ll tell you that neither one of these ways is correct, a girl can still get pregnant! So in this case, would you listen to you friends?

Group Discussion

Here’s another example. I heard someone say once, “My mom doesn’t know everything. My friend knows so much more.”  Look, I know at this age you don’t always want to believe your mother. Since your friends are closer to your age, you want to believe them because they can relate more. But in this generation, there’s TV shows and the Internet influencing everyone’s decisions. Your friends could be telling you about what they’re watching. They might even suggest you to look up using these resources to prove their point. But you have to remember that even television and the Internet could be wrong.

Listening to friends

To get the truth and information for making decisions, you could gather examples from many others and think about it or if all else fail try it out yourself.  (Disclaimer: Please do not do anything that will truly harm yourself or anyone else.)   I’ve always had a friend that believed they were right all the time. The best thing I think you should do is ask a few other people, like an adult you can talk to and trust or a young adult you look up to, and put the pieces together. Figure out what to truly believe.  Life as a teenager is all about learning. Everything is a learning process.  With this blog entry, I hope this’ll help you throughout your journey and get you thinking before you take what you do for face value. Do your research!

Peace and love,


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