Raven’s Cravings The Movie

Who likes to watch movies? I know that I do. But I’m so use to seeing films in the theater, sometimes it blinds me of the mini films that are produced by people in our own little town of Baltimore City. Baltimore has so many talented people. I try to support those who are trying their best to succeed.

Have all heard of a book named “Raven’s Cravings- A Baltimore Tale?”


Here’s a little book synopsis for you:

“Meet Raven, a young light-skinned honey dip from Baltimore City. Her mother Ellen becomes a junkie by messing with the wrong man and her bad habits caused them to lose their house and their family, and for Raven, her mind.
Raven assumed life hated her and the only person she had was her best friend, Jodi, that was until she met Killa. Who couldn’t have came at a more perfect time in her life.
They shared what people may call a “fairy tale” relationship.
Raven is now living the life she thinks she deserves.
But all that glitter’s ain’t gold, tragedy hits home hard, and with no one to turn to Raven develops a craving that she can’t seem to kick. Will Raven be able to kick her craving? Or will her cravings stop her from kicking? LITERALLY!”

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Well, that’s not all I have to tell my readers. This book’s movie will be released this August and the author of Raven’s Cravings, Angel Williams, sent me the movie trailer to share with the readers of Doc’s Castle Media. Take a look:

Here’s a bit about the author Angel Williams. Angel Williams is a twenty-six years old woman born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Angel attended Dauphin County Technical School and while in school, She always loved writing. She often wrote poetry and short stories while growing up and always had a passion to become a successful author. After she graduated in 2004, she made the decision to move to Baltimore, Maryland, where she currently resides with her fiancé, Eric, who always gives her the motivation that she needs to complete her goals. She’s now one of Baltimore’s Best Selling Authors of the following books, Envy The Root Of All Evil 1 & 2 &3. Raven’s Cravings- A Baltimore Tale, Pretty Money, Momma I Ain’t No SAINT, and Gold Diggin Honeys.

In 2011 Angel decided to branch off on her own and start her own publishing company. She and Fiance Eric Gwynn are now the proud founders and CEOs of Star City Publications “Where dreams come true.” She started this publishing company in hopes to help other aspiring authors get published, and she’s done very well doing so. As of today her publishing company has over ten great novels published. Her company is greatly standing tall and is very successful.

I’d like to thank Angel Williams for submitting the trailer to Doc’s Castle Media to share and I wish her all the luck with her future endeavors with her publishing company. Thanks, Angel.

If you’d like to invest in getting your own copy of Raven’s Cravings, it’s available online at Barns & Noble. Make sure you pick up a copy before the films released this August 22nd.

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