App of the Week: Lose it

Losing weight is no joke. Everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon to do it. But I don’t know if people understand that there is a correct way of losing weight. So many folks want a fast way to lose weight but end up hurting themselves trying to do it. What’s wrong with everybody? Lose It is an app I recently downloaded to my phone two weeks ago. I want to share its advantages today because it promotes a better, more accurate way, to losing weight.

Lose It App

What does this app do?

According to the iTunes App Store:

Lose It! helps you set a daily calorie budget, track your food and exercise, and stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your goal. We think it’s the best, most seamless weight loss system available.

Lose It! is based on the proven principles of calorie tracking and peer support for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

We seamlessly connect you to the people, devices, and food information you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

We customize a weight loss plan that fits your life. Set your goals and achieve them on your terms.

All the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goal, all in the palm of your hand.


Getting started with Lose It! is easy. Simply download the app, tell us a little about yourself and your weight loss goal, and we’ll create a custom weight loss plan for you. Then simply start logging your food and exercise!


Lose It! offers a simple, easy-to-use tool for tracking what you eat and do. Our robust food database has thousands of restaurant, grocery store, and brand-name foods, all researched and validated by the Lose It! Team. Log food and activity on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or online at

Tracking Features
-Comprehensive validated food and exercise database
-Easy to use calorie counter to stay within your daily budget
-Barcode scanner makes tracking a snap!
-Recipe builder
-Share foods with friends
-Meal & Exercise Planning helps you stay on track!*

*requires premium upgrade


Lose It! helps you set goals for weight loss, exercise, macronutrient intake,* blood pressure,* sleep,* and more! You set the goals, we’ll help you with the plan to achieve them.

Goals available in Lose It!:
-Body Fat*
-Exercise (Calories, Minutes)*
-Nutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein, Fiber, Sodium)*
-Measurements (Neck, Hip, Waist, Bicep, Thigh, Chest)*

*requires premium upgrade


Lose It! makes tracking a snap. Our platform integrates with the most popular health and fitness devices and apps available (we’re talking wireless scales, pedometers, workout apps, and more) to provide a truly seamless, connected experience.

Apps & Devices Supported:
-Nike+ Fuelband
-Fitbit Tracker (One, Zip, Flex, & Classic)*
-Jawbone Up*
-Withings Body Scale*
-Fitbit Aria Body Scale*
-Nike+ Running App*
-Withings Blood Pressure Monitor*
-CarePass by Aetna

*requires premium upgrade


In-person meetings are so last century. Access your support network from you fingertips through our social features. With Lose It!, you can connect to friends, family, and peers around the clock for the support you need, when you need it.

Peer Support Features:
-Connect with Friends
-Control Privacy
-Join Public Groups
-Join Private or Hidden Groups*
-Create Public, Private, or Hidden Groups*

*requires premium upgrade


We think health & fitness is more fun when you do it with others. Lose It!’s challenge feature unlocks your competitive side and helps you achieve your goals. Whether it’s weight loss, exercise, or total wellness, Lose It! offers head-to-head, team, and group-based challenges. Compete with each other or work together towards a common goal. Join a public challenge or create your own!*

Challenge Type:
-Weight Loss
-Days Logged
-Fruits and Vegetables
-Total Wellness Challenge

Join/Create Challenges:
-Join Public
-Join Private or Hidden*
-Create Public, Private, or Hidden*

*requires premium upgrade

According to Doc:

This app helps with so much. So I use to have an app called MyFitnessPal. I wrote a review on it a year ago. I changed my calorie counter app because MyFitnessPal gave a little too much freedom with counting my calories. I needed something more uniformed and accurate. One of my sister’s friends told me about a new app that she was using. It was Lose It. So that app came into the picture and now it’s easier for me to count my calories because most of the time I’m using the scanner to scan each item I eat per day to get the correct calorie count. I’ve met my calorie goal everyday. Last week, I’ve four pounds. My goal when I started was to lose the 30 that I’ve gained since being in college. I’m doing it better with Lose It because its more accurate that MyFitnessPal. Plus, I have challenges I can join free with other people to keep me motivated. It’s good.

Where can I get this App?

iTune’s App Store

Android’s Google Play Store

How much does this App cost?

It’s 0 dollars if you get the free version.

Would I use this app?

Duh! I basically already said that I use it. I believe its more fun when you have friends that have it too. But I rather use it alone because I’m minding my business and everyone doesn’t need to see what I do or eat everyday. I learned that by having MyFitnessPal. But other enjoy the motivation from more people. You can still add friends on it. I recommend this app for anyone who chooses to take the route to lose weight by eating healthier. It’ll help you become more energetic if you use the app when choosing the right foods to eat. So get it!

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