The Music Highlight: Zxggy- “Blue Dreams”

Today’s Music Highlight is someone I came across on Twitter and I asked if they where interested in being featured on Doc’s Castle Media. This young music artist’s name is Zxggy. He sends his submission all the way from St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Akeem Weston was born in Columbus, Ohio on a beautiful September day. But life wasn’t always so beautiful and bright for young Akeem. He was given up for adoption at the age of 2 and his adopted mother later died of the HIV/AIDs virus. He was then sent to live with his grandmother in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he now resigns. Akeem’s life has been very rocky from battling depression of his mother giving on him, his mother and  grandmother hating each other, and battling the fact of not knowing who is father was. When his mother later moved to Florida when Akeem was 8, altercations between both his mother and grandmother resulted in his grandmother leaving him on the door step of his mother’s house. But all incidents from Akeem’s past has given him motivation to make his life better.

Akeem started rapping in the 7th grade and adopted the rap name Zxggy. From the seventh grade until now, he has dropped over ten mixtapes, his latest being Planethollywood. In 2010, Zxggy formed the rap group, Paper Cut Gang (PCG). But he recently left PCG in early 2013 to pursue personal endeavours. He still considers them to be his bothers to this day. Zxggy raps with the pain and pride of a man who has gone through a lot. From feeling unwanted by his own family, sleeping outside in the cold, to selling drugs to survive, Zxggy has a rough story to share. He knows that his music is rare and unique. His goal is to awake his listeners when they’re listening to his music and give those people a flare that no other can achieve. Check out the song he submitted for Doc’s Castle Media viewers to hear below.

If you’re interesting in what Zxggy offers and would like to hear more, follow him on Twitter at @Zxggy or check out more music on his SoundCloud. Also, look out for his upcoming mixtape “Zxggy Hendrix.”

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