YTube Vid of the Week: Keep Your Business off of Facebook

I get what this guy is trying to do here, but it looks like this church needs to make sure they’re getting their message out to the congregation a little better. How about keep the focus at hand on just telling people why they should keep their business off of Facebook, and not creating a song that completely takes the focus of the message and causes someone to post it on another site. Is YouTube any better? What a contradiction, haha! That’s why I thought this video was good enough to be the Ytube Vid of the Week.

Jesus and Facebook

Come on now! There are so many rules that Christians make. Christians need to be focused on one rule and one rule only. That is Being more like Christ! Why does having a Facebook and posting what you post on Facebook relevant to church at all? Ministers telling other people to stop posting certain things is dumb. Their main message should always be Live like Christ. We wouldn’t know if Jesus would use a Facebook or not. But ministers should only tell people to be mindful to continue to be as Christ while on Facebook, too. Don’t tell them to “Keep Your Business Off Facebook!” Shoot, if you want to do that, tell them to shut their mouth in church because a lot is said in the Lord’s house that people don’t need to know, as well.

Anyway, I thought the song was funny so I shared it. Hope you enjoyed.

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