2013 Youth Bmore Summer Block Party

Hey y’all! Let me tell y’all how my day was extremely unplanned and then turn out to be something worth writing about for Doc’s Castle Media. I woke up with the intentions of spending the day in the house watching movies with my boyfriend, then BOOM, I show up and the street is blocked off. “I’m like…soo where am I suppose to park?” Eventually I found a parking spot and that’s all good. But I didn’t know that my day was going to turn into me showing up for a back to school block party. I’m glad it happened though. I mean, not just because it was free food ten steps away from my boyfriend’s front door. It was cool because this back to school party had a positive mission, and you how I am when it comes to some positive productivity. I get hype and proud of what’s happening and need to share it with the world.

block party

block party2

On that stage, in the picture above, is where majority of the action took place last night. (Pardon the picture, it’s the best I could get with a camera phone. LOL) There were performances, people dancing, and all that good stuff you’d normally see on a stage happening. WPB Radio was hosting the event in honor of school starting on Monday, August 26, with the motive to pump up the kids for school year. I tell you, I have not seen that many kids at once in a long time. I’m looking around like where did all these kids come from? I’m glad to see that there are kids who live around Parkside Drive and Belair Road because I was starting to think my boyfriend’s neighborhood was nothing but older folks.

But to get to the main reason I wanted to write about this event, I wanted to share 2 songs from two of the performers at the block party. First performer name is Shadina and she’s a native Baltimorean.


Shadina has done performances from the inner city of Baltimore to Madison Square Garden, from Times Square House of Blues to BET’s 106 & Park. She even shared the stage with many super stars, such as Fantasia, Alicia Keys, Ludacris, and many more. She has won awards for DMV’s Best Female vocal 3 years in a row and has been honored by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for her contribution to performing for inner city Baltimore Summer Block Parties. Vlad online Magazine has also tagged her as Next to Blow! So this young lady has done a bit and definitely derserves the recognition she’s getting. She might as well add Doc’s Castle Media on her list too because she’s the first female music artist to be featured on our site, local female music artist at that! I’m glad to say I’ve seen this young woman perform live.

Below is one of Shadina’s music videos.

If you’d like to hear more from Shadina, follow her on Twitter at @Shadina and Instagram at TeamShadina. Also, find her and like her page on Facebook at TeamShadina.

Second performer is Markus Vonnell, born and raised in Baltimore and Virginia.

Markus Vonnell

Markus has a sound for soul. For him, music became the one constant in an often troubled and turbulent life. “I’ve dealt with a lot of wild things over the years and, through it all, music was always there.” While Markus was always that little guy playing the latest hits and singing along with Joe and Jodeci, many years later he also stands a chance at becoming a soulful singer like those he sung along to growing up.

A submission that was giving to Doc’s Castle Media is his single “She’s Bad.” This catchy song is meant to be an anthem “For every girl that think she’s bad, this song is dedicated to her,” according to Markus. Below is the Single.

If you’d like to know more about Markus Vonnell, follow his Twitter at @MarkusVonnell. To hear more of his music, check out his soundcloud at Markus Vonnell.

Do you believe you have what it takes to be featured on Doc’s Castle Media? Send Me Stuff! We write about a new artist every week. You could be one of them.


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