YTube Vid of the Week: Stereotypes Pickup Basketball

This week’s video is dedicated to some of my readers who are sports fans. I have so many readers who are basketball players. I know that this will relate to them so much. It’s suppose to be funny because when people see it, it displays a bit of truth. This week’s YTube Vid of the Week highlights the stereotypes of Basketball Players. Check out Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball!

This hilarious video was brought to you by Dude Perfect, a group of guys that I found on YouTube who do all kinds of sports videos. Their videos aren’t sports review related. They mostly post videos of getting perfect scores in anything that they play. Whether it be in football making a perfect field goal or hitting a target with no interruptions using a Nerf Blaster, these guys deserve an A++ for the effort in making their videos because I know it was hard getting a perfect score. I mean, I can’t do it at all. So YAY THEM!!

But that’s getting away from why the video above was posted. This video isn’t the norm from these guys and I wanted to share it for all the Basketball “stars” who read. HA-HA! Hope you enjoyed guys! Until next time…

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One thought on “YTube Vid of the Week: Stereotypes Pickup Basketball

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