Michael Jackson Impersonation!

As we all should know (if you didn’t shame on you), Michael Jackson’s Birthday was yesterday. People who love this man for his phenomenal talents often have playlist of Michael’s hits throughout this day. I was bumping some classics on my way to my evening class courtesy of DC’s Hip-hop and R&B station, 93.9, and if you could see me, man, I was getting it in during my car ride, for sure.

Doc’s Castle Media most definitely needs to honor this man. What better way can I do it than to post a video of someone almost as talented as Michael while impersonating one of his classic songs. I have to share this video I found of this talented boy performing Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” He did such an awesome job imitating the king, he deserves a spot at a dance academy ASAP! Check him out!

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One thought on “Michael Jackson Impersonation!

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