Zxggy’s “99 Dreams” dropping September 31st!

Florida’s underground hip hop artist Zxggy has come with two new songs for the readers of Doc’s Castle Media. This hip hop feature is back to share his release date for his next mixtape, “99 Dreams,” expected to drop by the end of this month, September 31, 2013. The mixtape will be featured on mixtape website, Hot New Hip Hop for download.


This is the second time Zxggy has submitted to Doc’s Castle Media, and I felt compelled to include him on the blog again because of his consistent strive to work so hard for what he does. Not only does he keep me informed on what he’s doing with his music, every time I’m on Twitter he’s promoting his music to his followers. He’s and artist guaranteed to not be left in the dark if he continues on this path.

Zxggy has a sound for club bangers (well at least  that’s what I would say.) He makes songs that has a sound for bumping on my way to the club to get myself ready for the hype of the party if it not already being blasted on the club’s av speakers. “Max” is my favorite of the two he submitted to us. So once you click on play, you’ll catch the drift of what I mean. Keep up the good work, Zxggy!

Listen to “Max” and “Mustang” by Zxggy here, on Doc’s Castle Media, below.



Read more about Zxggy with his first submission to Doc’s Castle Media, Music Highlight: Zxggy “Blue Dreams.

Doc’s Castle Media is always reviewing submissions from inspiring music artists of all genres. We never discriminate! Feel free to Send Me Stuff! You could be the next Music Highlight to be featured on Doc’s Castle Media.

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