Power Stix is the Ish!

The best thing someone could have ever created for my poor little phone battery is finally in my possession. Don’t you just hate it when your phone dies at 12 in the afternoon though you’ve only been out the house for four hours!? Gah! It gets me every time. I had to get myself this Power Stix.


I bought Power Stix at the Walgreens drug store around the corner from my house. But you are able to get it in other stores. More recently, I saw it under another name in K-Mart. Both devices do the same thing, charge your rechargeable electronic devices. I tried find the Power Stix that I have online but I couldn’t find it. So I found a different one that does that same thing here. Check it out if you’re interested.

The Power Stix comes in handy if you know you won’t be near a power outlet for a few hours. Woman can definitely keep it in their purse, men in their book bags or huge pockets. You’ll love the convenience of having an outlet on you. I know I do.

I use Power Stix when I’m at school. I have a class where everyone rushes to get to class on time just to sit by the outlet to charge their computer. Imagine the struggle I had to go through before I bought Power Stix. It was the worse. In a class of almost 30 people with only 2 outlets of 4 sockets in the room, I would often catch myself losing the race every time. But I’m fine now that I have this leopard print Power Stix.

Power Stix has multiple colors. I chose leopard print because it signifies that I’m a girl and I make silly rules for myself when it comes to my electronics. Like if I was to get the new iPhone 5c, I’d get it in pink because I always viewed pink as a girly color. I can be so simple at times when it comes to things like this. But hey, that’s just how I roll sometimes. Anyway, Power Stix can be found in many colors. Those that I’ve found in Walgreens were blue, pink and leopard print. The brand that I saw in K-Mart had more choices.

As we all know, every device or product in general has a downside. In the case of the Power Stix, I’d say it’s downfall would be how much power it carries and how long you have to charge it to get that length of energy back. Power Stix power storage last only for one charge. Once my phone dies, I can only charge it once then its time to charge up the Power Stix again. It takes 6 hours to charge up the Power Stix! That’s longer that charging the phone, itself. It’s something the company should consider working on. But for this to be something new, it’s great for starters. I’m sure the improvements will come later as time progresses.

Overall, I enjoy this device and that’s why I chose to write review on it to have a new article up about technology. I urge people who are always on the move to get the Power Stix because it makes life so much better when you don’t have to worry about your phone dying while you’re out. Buy it! Just don’t get the same color as me. Enjoy being out and free of worries.

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