Chapter 1: Venomous Addiction

You ever felt the cold strike of love pierce your warm skin?

Fangs release venom into your bloodstream and you feel it run a course from within.

Fearing it would reach your heart, you try to suck it out from where it was injected.

It has moved so fast that the rush makes you nauseous and woozy; the signs of being infected.

You stumble onto the bed and slowly reach for the phone.

Make a call to your closest friend and they’ve noticed a change in tone.
“Hello? Hey, what’s wrong? Why do you sound like you’ve been drugged up?”

You confess “I know you told me to leave her alone but I think I messed up.”

You continue to explain how her love bit you and was slowly having a hold on you.

And that you think once the venom metabolizes it would be a part of everything you do.

Your friend tries to help you by coming over but you begin to lose interest in the words they spoke.

In the middle of the conversation you feel a sharp pain and clench your chest; you were having stroke.

You black out and gained consciousness in the hospital lying in a still.

A doctor stood over you asking a series of questions to see if you knew what was fake or real.

The doctor told you that you went into shock after the venom had run its course.

And that the only way to avoid another episode was to inject a dose into your heart by force.

Although your friend tried their hardest to dissuade you, you indisputably agreed.

But the doctor warned you that continuous use could lead to selfishness and greed.

Diagnosis complete, the doctor releases you to the public.

Thus you began your mission to find the only bite claimed to be therapeutic.

Upon returning home, you notice the one who put you in this predicament.

You rush toward her to express your resentment.

Before you could speak, you’re once again caught in her gaze.

The seductress grabs your neck and tastes you again putting you in a mild daze.

Instantly, you whispered serenades of nothings into her ear.

She suddenly releases her grip; her heart frozen in fear.

The sound of your voice vibrated from her neck to her chest.

It made her blood boil and activated her adrenaline leaving her body unable to rest.

A melody so sharp it entered every chamber in her heart.

Made the world spin around her and had her pulse off the chart.

The seducer had become the seduced initiating a vital change of roles.

Now finding a new seductress and changing her have become your primary goals.

This new power changed you making you colder and calmer.

You have gone from a man to a siren of love. I welcome you glorious Snake Charmer.

-C. Davis

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