Twitter Logic is Why It’s too Hard to Say “I Love You”

I woke up this morning with a thought on my mind of so many wonders I have for my kind (by my kind, I mean my generation.) WTF are we doing relationship wise?!

Like really, I woke up this morning with the thought of why it’s so hard to say “I love you” to the person you care so deeply for? I know of a lot of people who usually don’t struggle to say this phrase. But there is a range of folks that do have an issue just thinking about the phrase. I never understood why it was so hard for some people to say this. Not until recently, I learn that it could be a struggle deciphering whether this phrase should be used at all.


See, I don’t normally write about stuff like this but today is different. Today, I want to be a little more open with my readers and let them know how difficult it is to be a young adult, though adults swear otherwise. Sometimes I cannot see how older adults can’t understand how a 20 something year old love life could be. It’s so confusing at times.

20 years old
Being a 22-year-old in the year 2013 is definitely not the same as other generations when they’ve reached 22. It’s sick to even think to compare my generation to any other. We may have been through the same situations, but I have to remind y’all there is a definition between our time periods. Technology alone is what makes love so hard these days! Everything a person does is put online for the world to know. There isn’t any privacy. That’s the major problem for people in there 20’s because love is meant for two people, not your entire friends list on all your social media!

How do people know if love is real when its being publicized to people who could care less if you found love in a hopeless place or not? Love is supposed to be sacred. My generation doesn’t know what sacred is. So when we pose the question “why is it so hard to say ‘I love You’,” we end up with people coming up with reasons like people sleep around too much, people don’t respect me, people are phony, and etc. etc.. What’s crazy is these reasons come from “Twitter Logic.”


Twitter Logic isn’t subjected to mainly Twitter. It’s just a name for people’s logic that’s posted on a social media as a their latest status update. You can find Twitter Logic on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. It’s simply someone’s logic for how they choose to live their life, except its considered “Twitter Logic” and not logic because it’s been publicized online like it’s THE way of life.

Let me remind you, what one person decides to do in their love life isn’t for everyone. Everyone is their own person. We all are attracted to different people, we like to do different things, we like to interact differently with other people. But with “Twitter Logic,” what one person says, other people may agree with and if many agree, then multiple people agree with it. So what Twitter Logic really gives us is something called “group think,” where everyone agrees on the same thing because multiple people agree on same thing. You know what that means? When so many people agree, it must be right.

Well, what if someone posted a status online about their relationship. I know you’ve seen it. A person you’re following on Twitter says:

“I don’t date light-skinned girls because they don’t text back fast enough.”

Twenty people retweet this person in agreement to what they’ve said. So twenty people agree that they don’t date light-skinned girls because they text slow. First off, why does 20 people choose not to date a person because they text slow? Secondly, when did the color of someone skin determined if they text slow? Lastly, what happened to all the other factors that come into pursuing a relationship with someone? Your Twitter Logic blinkers should be going off when it becomes disrespectful because why does what one person say about a light-skinned person make the statement true?  All those retweets make those 20 people look extremely ignorant when searching for someone to love.

You see how dumb twitter logic can be? Now, think how this happens everyday with almost the same post being released just with different wording. You have millions of people posting things like this and we’re wondering why we have so many people pondering why its hard to say “I love you.” Imagine telling someone you loved them on Twitter and people disagreed with it.


Twitter Logic is posted for the public’s approval. As much as people may post that they don’t care about what another person thinks of them, if you’re active on social media, you’re lying. We live for attention on social media because our page is all about us! When you post a picture on Instagram, you’re not posting for the hell of it. You’re posting for that double tap. It’s okay to want to be notice. It’s quite natural. But to be posting rude comments about how to approach your love life is a whole other deal.


Romantic relationships should always be between two lovers and not a school of nosy followers. In this sick twisted world, people are secretly plotting for the demise of a happy relationship because they are unhappy with whatever is going on in their lives and want the same for everyone else. Make sure your Twitter Logic doesn’t coincide with what they’re looking for, which is the approval of what they believe through your social media posts. Then maybe it wouldn’t be so hard for people to simplylove one another and tell each other “I love you.”

But that’s my October Rant. I hoped I’ve made it clearer for how I think about this stuff. Do you agree with what I’ve said? Leave your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Logic is Why It’s too Hard to Say “I Love You”

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