Jessica’s Room, a Horror Film for under $5000 (Full Movie)

Jessica’s Room™ is the story of a 10 year old Jessica Owens (Katie Haggerty) who brutally murdered her parents and 3 other people in their craftsman style home.  Among those killed was John Street (Erik Knight), a seasoned ghost hunter who was documenting an exorcism taking place in the Owens house.  Upon receiving the gruesome news of his friend’s death, Sevin Michaels (Deacon Ledges) decides to find out what really happened on that fateful night. With the help of Detective Frank Strieber (James Warnock), a somewhat skeptical Sevin is on his way to what will be a shocking discovery. Mr. Michaels drags along an unforgettable crew who will document each moment. Sevin decides against the will of his crew to do an overnight in the Owens house. Melanie Beck (Allison King) a saucy 1st AD is not privy to the idea, but her love for Sevin Michaels makes for vulnerability. Eddie Shaw (David Jite) a suave, yet gentle giant plays a petrified Director of Photography [DP] who just wants to get the shot. Mark and Steve (James Fowler and John Dimitri) add a brilliant air of comedic timing as the interns hired for a helping hand. But that comedy will soon cease as the truth behind the Owens house unfolds.


One thought on “Jessica’s Room, a Horror Film for under $5000 (Full Movie)

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