New Winter Releases: Year of the Serpent / LSD

December and January seems to be the month of new releases from a few of Doc’s Castle Media’s favorite artist. Just like many of you, we’ve anticipated some new jams for a while. We’re glad to be first to tell you about what’s to come from two previously featured indie artist. Make sure you download these tunes to add to your collection.

Flu_x’s Year of the Serpent (December 3rd)


Last time we heard from Mr. Flu_x was with his release of single “End of the World”, December 21, 2012. Now he’s back with Year of the Serpent, a CD full of  new age soul for each listener to groove to. December 3rd was its release date and I’ve already had the pleasure of listening to this tape a shot of a million times. If you enjoy a mixture of a bit of R&B, House and Rap, you are sure to enjoy a bit of this mixtape. It has everything put into one. Twenty-eight tracks you’ll be sure to bump in your car to any destination. Obviously, I’m listening to it while I’m stuck in traffic and walking to class. You can definitely find time to listen to it, too. Make sure you take a listen and download Year of the Serpent.

Zxggy LSD (January 31st)


Since the release of his mixtape, The Party, Doc’s Castle Media has waited for what’s next from Zxggy. He’s finally clued us in. On January 31, 2014, Zxggy will start the new year with his new tape LSD. If the tape is anything like his last, we know we’ll hear different styles coming together to get us up out of seats and ready to “Turn Up.” We hope LSD will do the same in wakening the soul for a celebration we’ve all wished for. Join the countdown for LSD coming in January 2014. Download it here!

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