YTube Vid of the Week: I Hate The Bus

I Hate The Bus by Doc’s Castle Media’s own advice blogger Vonni is the YTube Vid of the Week this week. We’ve known how long Vonni has tried to grab enough courage to do a video. So we’ve taken the time out to support her decision to post her first YouTube Video to Doc’s Castle Media. Yay, Vonni!

If you’re someone who can relate to the many problems of catching public transportation, you’ll agree with everything Vonni has to say about catching the MTA in Baltimore City. I haven’t caught the MTA in a long time because after riding the bus to work throughout high school, I’ve learned of how much I hated riding the bus and decided it was time for me to invest in getting a license in the middle of my junior year. I mean there are some positives to riding the bus, like saving money because you don’t have to fill up a tank of gas. But nothing compares to the negative of all negatives when having to wake up 2 to 3 hours early in the morning just to commute to work. I hated it so much. I definitely understand what Vonni’s going through. But it’s all done to reach a finish line. Let’s all take a moment of silence for our patience and agony as we all have to do something we don’t like to reach success.

Watch I Hate The Bus Below:


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