Creepers by Jimmi Stone

Jimmi Stone wasn’t going to leave us hanging and pondering what new things he’s been working on since the last time he was featured on Doc’s Castle Media. He submitted Creepers for our music scavengers to take a listen.

Ever heard of an herbal song? Today really is your lucky day then. My definition of an herbal song is a song that makes you think that the perfect time to listen to it is when you’re partaking in “recreational activities.” Haha! Creepers gives off that feel. I think of the hookah bar or a club with really dim lights and cloudy mist. Of course, the scene I’m depicting is in slow motion. It’s the kind of song that makes you squint your eyes like your cool or something. That BOSS feeling. Anyway, the song is cool and worth a spot on my blog. Hoped you enjoyed.

Do you want to be an artist on The Music Highlight? Send me stuff. You could be the next feature.


2 thoughts on “Creepers by Jimmi Stone

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