YTube Vid of the Week: Michelle Obama’s “Everybody” Music Video

This was quite a weird video to watch. That’s more the reason for me to make it this week’s Ytube Vid of the Week. I saw this video a few months ago but recently ran across it again to still get the same reaction as when I first looked at it. It’s just plan weird to see all these artist that I know who don’t normally sing about being healthy be so enthused about having a healthy lifestyle. Do they even practice this themselves?

Where the hell has Jordan Sparks been all this time? Last time I saw her, she was on Sparkle. Now she’s jamming with Dougie Fresh, Dr.Oz and Michelle Obama, a very odd combination I must say. But I guess, it couldn’t be that too far fetch to see a collaboration like this because Michelle Obama is smart to include such people in a video to reach a younger audience. But to me, she still hasn’t made it there. Nobody I know listens to those people. If she really was going to reach a younger and much wider audience, she should throw Beyoncé and Jay-Z on a track and name it Dangerously in a Heart Attack. But hey, she’s not thinking like Doc.

If you want to know more about Michelle Obama’s health related rap album, read this article I found on it. There are collabs by multiple artist, such as Monifah, Ashanti, and Travis Barker. I know you’re sitting there like ” Uhh, who?” Even in the article I linked for you, they talk about how there’s no A-List artist on the album. Come on Michelle step it up! How are you the wife of the president and have no A-list artist on your CD?!

Anyway, it’s a good message. Take heed to it. In the meantime, send me stuff. I always need new things to share.

One thought on “YTube Vid of the Week: Michelle Obama’s “Everybody” Music Video

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