A Letter to You by C. Davis

Dear Love,

Within these last few weeks, I’ve been caught in an unknown yet familiar mystery.

Two people worlds apart gravitate towards each other endlessly.

The stars aligned and your world naturally eclipsed mine.

I stepped into your domain and you took the chance to unwind.

Your stellar personality instantly stood out along with a faith that would forever last.

Who would have thought that you used that to overshadow your hurtful, dark past.

So you built a wall around your heart due to abuse from people wielding mistrust.

And each day that pass I proceeded to reduce the wall to dust.

Now you stand before me naked, wounded and covered in scars.

I stand watching remnants of your past friendships, loves, and wars.

As the bearer of Christ, I use words and actions to heal your broken heart; praise my emotional sutures.

Seal your opens wounds to secure our possible future.

Pledging to stand by your side to ensure nothing ever hurts you.

Setting your mind at ease and giving you the amount of affection you were initially used to.

Your new-found happiness makes you glow and I relish in the radiant exposure.

We’re stimulated by our sexual desires that become secrets protected by patient doctor disclosure.

I return to my world and you rush to follow without a second thought.

You reach inside my mind and line defenses around my heart.

It seems you resemble me in wanting to protect those we care for.

And it is traits like that in a strong woman that makes me desire you more.

You’ve said that you are happy and blessed and the time invested had been everything.

That I’m a special man who women kill for and would never find exploring.

You are truly a blessing and we were destined to share this miraculous fate.

Bound to watch each other grow; our relationship bound to turn into something great.

I helped raise you from misery and despair so you could fall deeper into like.

So we could stay connected on every echelon as I follow you like an eager tyke.

My rant ends here but will continue on in our life long adventure.

For I’m destined to show you dreams come true and mine being with you will last forever.

-C. Davis

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Creative Commons License
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Based on a work at https://docscastle.wordpress.com/category/c-davis-poems/.
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