Mixtape Review: Young Wild & Reckless The Movement

Hop in my car and cruise to something that has hard base. The base has to be hard enough for my windows to look like they’re shaking. That’s the type of music the world should be driving to because it wakes you up and gets pumped to tackle your day. I mean, that’s why I listen to rap when I drive. Ha-ha! If you’re the type of music listener who likes a club banger kind of sound, you’ll be missing out if you haven’t heard about Young Wild & Reckless.


Last August, they submitted a video that was featured on Doc’s Castle Media. “Like Us” now holds a position of over two thousand views, which is way more than when it was first seen on Doc’s Castle Media. Tells us that they’ve been on their grind since we’ve last heard from them. They also dropped a mixtape last year, July 26th, named Young Wild & Reckless The Movement. The tape has over a thousand views so I had to do a review as a follow-up for my viewers.

Young Wild & Reckless The Movement is a tape meant for “turning up.” Similar to “Like Us,” the tape places you into a party scene that anyone could dream of being. You’ll be ready to grab your bottles and partake in other various recreational activities as you bob you heads to the base beat I mentioned above that you’ll love. My favorite song is “Like Us,” of course, with the addition of “What I Gotta Do,” a song highlighting that getting money is something these guys have to do to keep them fly. I’m sure many people can relate to that. I also like “Hood Rich Anthem” because it gives me that image of being a “boss.” The beat does that alone but with addition of these talented artist featured on the track, they reassure that they’re coming from all over the country, and different neighborhoods, to let us know about their movement. They’re taking over with extreme BOSS behavior.

With that being said, are you ready to live Young Wild & Reckless? Make sure you download Young Wild & Reckless The Movement from Datpiff.com. It’s something worth playing at your house parties.

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