Relating to Relationships

If you follow me on Twitter or Liked the Doc’s Castle Media Facebook page, you’d know that I’ll be writing a 6 month series of blogs addressing commonly asked relationship questions. Yay!

In December, I asked my followers what they believed were the most frequently asked questions that people had about intimate relationships. I received quite a response. Love seems a little tricky and many of you guys come off as clueless when dealing with it. I see it as a challenging part of life myself. But your questions are worth looking into so each month I’ll tackle your questions with my opinions. This should be interesting.

Starting at the end of January, I’ll answer question number 1, Why Do People Cheat, then we’ll move from there. How does that sound?

Why do people cheat

If anyone has a question they think should be added to the 6 month series, don’t hesitate to ask. Comment with you questions below to enter it in my review bucket and stay tuned to hear my thoughts. I’m sure many people will have the same or a similar question as yours. It’ll be highly likely I’ll write about it. In the meantime, keep reading.


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