DayZ: Literally Feel Every Murder You Commit

When you buy a video game, some people buy it for the storyline. Other’s may buy it because of the stress they get from the pressure to complete a mission. But with DayZ, there’s another motivation to purchasing it. It makes you feel like you’re literally hurting someone.

I don’t see how that very reason could make me purchase a video game but after watching this trailer the game seemed intriguing.

It may look like it’s some normal shooting game. But the huge thing with it that makes it so different from others is you receive only one life while playing it. The trailer doesn’t tell you that but in an article on Fast Company, it explains in more detail about what to expect. In many other games, you can play, die multiple times, and can continue to pick up from where you last left off. But DayZ puts you in a position to really think about what you’re doing because if you die, you will start the entire game over. It makes me think of Sega Genesis.

DayZ was created as a tool to help soldiers train for combat. It does a better job than previous training tools used for the military because, in reality, people don’t die and come back to life on a everyday basis. It helps you to be more careful and considerate of the surrounding characters in the game with you, as well. So what would you choose if you were learning to go into combat, the non-reality of dying over and over to start the game at the same point you’ve left it,or the reality and pressure you get when playing a game that gives you one life and forces you to go under stress while making decisions to continue living? I’d go the more intense route to better prepare myself.

This game seems fun but I’m a person who never finishes any video game I start so I think I’ll pass on this one. But that doesn’t mean I won’t go to one of my friend’s house to play the game with them.

Don’t forget to check your weather with Drake.


2 thoughts on “DayZ: Literally Feel Every Murder You Commit

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