YTube Vid of the Week: The Problem With Facebook

If your an independent artist or own some kind of independent business doing something, you’ll find this week’s video very helpful. This video will help you understand why Facebook is not the best place to do advertising for your service or product. I ran across this video and immediately thought that I may have to make some huge marketing changes for Doc’s Castle Media. So I know many of my followers will think the same since majority of you are striving artist.

Facebook use to be the site to go to share your art with your closest friends and family. But when Mark Zuckerburg, along with the stock sharers who also own Facebook, became money hungry, that all changed. We no longer see everyone on our time line posts. It’s like I see the same 20 people. I have over 800 Facebook friends! Shouldn’t they see what I’m posting?! That’s a problem.

2veritasium breaks down the truth for us, explaining why there’s a problem with Facebook.

Have you seen the last YTube Vid of the Week on Doc’s Castle Media? Watch How To Pick A Side Chick.


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