Why Can’t I Look Like Beyoncé?

Hello all,

The other day, I came across some magazines, television shows, and thought about how much the western world pressures us to look like a certain image. The best example and hottest image right now is Beyoncé.  The perfect coke bottle shape, her beautiful long hair, the flawless makeup she always has on, she’s generally just a hot woman.  Now, many people say “I woke up like this,” and I applaud her for helping people feel good about themselves, but I know many people are still asking this question, “How can I look like her?” Let me just sum it up nicely, you can’t!  Beyoncé even has a song explaining how society has this “image,” and sometimes she can’t even make the cut. The image we all look up to is fake and very structured. Even the pictures of models and television characters are Photoshop.  This “image” is also unmanageable, unrealistically fake, and can cause you to hurt yourself by doing such things as, causing you to develop weight problems, messing up your life socially, creating physical and emotional scars, making you live in stress, and maybe even die. But of course, many people ignore those side effects and will still try to live in “perfection.”


Plastic surgery and many dangerous acts to conform one’s body are starting to look more and more appealing to young adults and teenagers. This is not good. We all have heard of the stories about what happens to other people, but we really aren’t listening.  Maybe, because we don’t believe it can happen to us, or maybe it’s because many of us are set on doing something, and we won’t take no for an answer. But, what I want to do is tell you is that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. No surgery on this earth is going to make you feel better (I’m talking about cosmetic surgeries). Everyday there’s a new trend, and everyday something on you, or about you, is not going to be the hot thing. You must realize that! When Beyoncé came out, boobs were in, but not curves. Now, curves are in. The world’s opinion is constantly changing.

Trust me, I’ve even thought about the butt lift and getting rid of the little fat that I do have. So many others that could make me look better, but I decide not to care. You have to think about who you are. Is this really going to change you? You have to love yourself first and realize that you are you.  You are a unique individual and no one can be but you.  The makeup, hair, nails, and body doesn’t make the person. Living in a materialistic world can seem like it’s the main reason for living, being beautiful, and successful. But it’s not.  Whoever is reading this, I want you to know that someone loves you. Someone believes that you are the most beautiful person in the world!

Peace and Love,


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