Ytube Vid of the Week: Destiny’s Child Goes to Therapy

Ever wondered how the conversations between all of the members of Destiny’s Child goes down when they’re all in the same room? I do, especially after their performance at 2013 Super Bowl halftime show between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. Bruno Mars awesome performance at this years Super Bowl gave me flashbacks of Beyoncé show last year, and I thought of how she brought Destiny’s Child as her special guest. But I completely forgot Michelle came to the show because it seemed like she appeared on camera only twice for the entire halftime show. Ha-ha!

While reminiscing on the past, I came across this YouTube video, which is a comedy skit of the girls as Barbies. It’s hilarious because everything that’s mentioned at this fictional therapy meeting is exactly how I would picture the group handling their affairs, which is not very effective at all. I’ve always wished Destiny’s Child would get back together. But if their conversing turns into yelling and screaming like in this week’s Ytube Vid of the Week, its apparent that the reuniting of this girl group is never going to happen. They’re history! I hope you’ll enjoy “Destiny’s Child Goes to Therapy.”


One thought on “Ytube Vid of the Week: Destiny’s Child Goes to Therapy

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