What’s Your Mental Age? Does It Matter?

What I find to be a common phrase for many people who date outside their age bracket is the fact those people commonly say, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.” Well, it’s true. Have you ever had a moment when you felt like you out grew someone that was doing something you thought was childish but was the same age as you? You were experiencing something I refer to as the “Mental Age Gap.” Everyone goes through it.

The Mental Age Gap happens to everyone. It may even begin in elementary school. For example, If you take the time to watch some kids as they interact in their everyday lives, you’ll notice a child’s mental age gap when you see someone at the age of ten participate in more mature activities, like starting a dance group or writing a book. Those are extensive activities for a child to start. It exhibits leadership and that trait requires some level of mature to take on.

Age means nothing unless authority has some rule over a person’s life. It means someone placed a number on another person to categorize them for activities they can or cannot do. But in reality, without a system of numbers or age, everyone would be equal and literally able to do whatever, whenever they wanted. I’m not saying age is a problem because we do need it for medical cases. I wouldn’t want to say a 6 years old is able to drink vodka without experiencing severe consequences. I’m saying in a matter of interaction with others, a person should be able to meet anyone, no matter the age, and that person can leave a lasting impression without another passing judgment. We aren’t capable of knowing what another is able to do.


Also I wanted to share a link, which is circulating on Facebook more frequently, that gives you the option to check how old you are mentally. I can’t say this is accurate, but it’s fun to do in your spare time. The app said my mental age is 28. I’m really 22 years old. But I commonly get mistaken for 26 or 28, and my results made me chuckle inside because the computer thinks it, too. It could help you understand your current priorities, whether they be good or bad.

Check out www.whatsyourmentalage.com.


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