Vanity Fair Is Bringing Some Diversity

As I watch my favorite news show, the Morning Express on HLN, I heard a interesting story about Vanity Fair Magazine. The Hollywood edition features a plethora of stars that are diverse on its cover! This is raving news across the Internet and people are taking to Twitter to express their happiness for such a big step.


Such awesome news! The popular magazine has received a lot of slack throughout the years from people attacking the publishers for not including a well rounded group of successful individuals. Stated by Todd Leopold of CNN, Vanity Fair is said to have at least once during its production, discriminated against, age, race, and status. Well, we can’t say that anymore looking at the cast posing above. Or can we?

Something is still missing from Vanity Fair’s cover. Where are the Latinos and Asians? I guess they’re taking it one step at a time. But diversity means to include everyone regardless of age, color, and talent. Why does this country continue to highlight black and white? I wonder who’ll be on the cover next year.

Read: “When Did George Zimmerman Become A Celebrity?” on Doc’s Castle Media.


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