Listen to the Raw Skinny Show at 11-11:30 pm Every Wednesday Night

Sunday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Raw Skinny, host of The Raw Skinny Show, an also a former featured Music Highlight on Doc’s Castle Media.


It was fun going into StaffRadio to be interviewed. It was my first interview on the radio but not my first time being on air. Two years ago when I use to intern for Blyden Multimedia & Consulting, LLC, I co-produced and seldomly spoke on a show called the Tiona B. Show. It aired on every Sunday morning from 8 am to 11 am EST. Being on the Raw Skinny Show brought back some memories of experiences on the Tiona B. Show. It felt great.

I’d say I did fine for it to be my first interview on air. There were questions that I thought about answering differently. But I assume that’s how everyone feels after they’ve been interviewed, a little self-conscious about what they say. They’ll be plenty more interviews to make up for any mistake I made.

I want all my readers to tune into the Raw Skinny Show this evening, February 12, 2014, at 11-11:30 pm EST to support my “grind,” along with Raw Skinny’s evening broadcast. He’s been such a great supporter and deserves every bit of your support for being such a great person who’s aspiring to be successful like the many of us. Raw Skinny is seeking to have his show syndicated on satellite radio. If we all take moment out of our Wednesday nights to listen to his show for a length of a popular sitcom, like Family Guy, we could push his goal further. So lets make it happen! Support local businesses. Listen to StaffRadio410 on BlogTalkRadio or on Stitcher Radio.


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