Artsy Stuff: Carmon Salome by Taylor Evans

This is a well overdue submission that I meant to write awhile back but finally is getting a chance to do because I’m finished college. Ha-ha! This is a video submission from Taylor Evans, owner of Sir Leif Productions.

“Sir Leif Productions is a privately owned company that takes prides in maintaining the satisfaction of all their customers needs.” Under Sir Leif, Taylor specializes in creating music videos, documentaries, promotional/commercial videos, and short films. She’s also managing artists.

Take a moment to view this short film of a women’s rage for a man who was caught cheating. See what she does as a way to take revenge.

This might be what goes through a lot of women’s minds when they’ve been betrayed by their beloved. Taylor simply put it in a visual format so that we won’t reap the consequences from attempting to go forth in pursuing our beloved. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Consider that a warning.

To see more from Ms. Evans, visit her website You my also follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @leifchiefs.


One thought on “Artsy Stuff: Carmon Salome by Taylor Evans

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