Will Blacks Have To Wait Another 100 Years?

I rarely write creative pieces. I leave that up to my fellow writer C. Davis. But something came over me last night that made me want to write a creative essay expressing thoughts I know lots of people may be having with the verdicts of the Michael Dunn and Jordan Davis case. So I just ran with my pen last night…

With all of these important court cases going on that are potentially racial profiling cases, I’m becoming discouraged about the stance of my black american race. When will we truly be considered equal? Will it take another 100 years of mistreatment to finally get what we deserve?

Two hundred years ago, we celebrated the freedom from the chains of slavery. One hundred years ago, we scream for joy because of our civil rights becoming intact. But must we still fight for what we deserve? Blacks do not have it easy, and if you are not black you will NEVER understand. I’m not just another black person screaming for attention. I am not using my race as a crutch!

They wine because we are still “bickering” over things we STILL do not have. We have no justice! We have no rights to live a smooth, judge-free life years after this law of equality was so-called “blessed” into every black man and woman’s life. It’s sad to think that sometimes I’m glad I don’t have children because if I had them, I wouldn’t want them to experience the awakening truth I’ve experienced when I realized that even in 2014 where we see beautiful black people earn money in professions that we once were unable to have grace our presence in times of extreme hardship, we still cannot live without someone yelling ignorant slander accusing us as being something we are not. “Oh, because he has dreads and gloats after he accomplishes his dream, he must be a thug.” Ignorance!

And where are our Martin Luther King Jr.’s? Where are our Malcolm X’s? They seise to exist in my time though we clearly need them today. Where are our black men and women that’ll lead the way for change? We do not have them. All of these beautiful black celebrities and we don’t have leaders.


Because I am black, it does not mean I’m dumb, I’m useless, I’m unable to achieve. My eagerness to strive has nothing to do with the color that appears on me! Because I’m black, it does not me I’m a hoodrat, I’m ghetto, I’m doing nothing but clubbing every weekend like my life depended on it. Matter of fact, just the other day I saw a white woman doing it. I bet they can’t explain that. But I swear they’d say she’s sick or find another excuse to justify that bitch. This world is sick!

I don’t want to turn it around or play the blame game. If we were all blind, it would not matter one bit. From my knowledge, there are instances about life where race has no discrimination, like love or hate, pain or pleasure, life or death. So why do we bicker like we’re better than the other. We need outlining factors to unite us. Even cancer pulls us together in times of despair. Why must that be our cause? Equality should be enough. Instead, we bully each other and look down upon the kids who do it in schools. Everyone needs a punishment. We’re all bullies! We’re all fools!

Change, and I mean the real kind, is what we need. But it’ll take another 100 years to get it.

Read last week’s creative juices submission, Carmone Salome by Taylor Evans.

2 thoughts on “Will Blacks Have To Wait Another 100 Years?

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